Photo Gallery – Trippin'

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the kids are allright (c. 1974) I spy the white guy (Atlanta, 1982) commander in cheap (Washington, 1987) mums the word (with Ship's Captain, 1988)
grabbing the bull by the horns (Alpha Farm, 1991) why? (Miami, 1992) big wong, 1993 reason to not patch up ceiling with styrofoam: while showering on my birthday, two copulating snakes fall into my bathroom (May 1995)
I smell a rat (found in the electrical box, 1996) stuck inside Bob7's with the bad haikus again (1997) put your head on my shoulder (not photoshopped, with Janell, 1997) "have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing." James 2:3 (c. 1999)
New Years Eve, 1999 into thick air (Everglades, c. 2002) I'm not Osama (Utah, 2002) Scratch Adams (Miami, c. 2003)
let me get that (Miami, 2003) buggin out (Billy Jonas, FL, 2005) ahh, that's better (Billy Jonas, 2005) keeping up with the Jons (Miami, 2006)
from one cavity to another (Asheville, 2006) runs in the family (nephew, 2007) reupholstered (in Tennessee with Kim Hendrickson, 2008) yoga for economic stagnation (Biltmore Estate, 2008)
driving Miss Enoki, 2008, May 2009 S&M I: blind date (May 2009) S&M II: oxytocin
S&M III: lola S&M IV: snopes be damned man, uh, from heaven (August 09) napolean class (NY '09)
my pick up technique (The Wizard of Oz, 2010)